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TWU professor will represent educators across Canada

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A TWU professor has been elected to represent professional educators all across the country.

Kim Franklin, Ed.D., a TWU professor and dean of the School of Education, has been voted onto the executive board of the Association of Canadian Deans of Education. Her new position, to start this month, will include working with the ACDE Executive to create initiatives that enhance education across Canada. “I am grateful to be able to serve my profession and have the opportunity to provide leadership related to key education policies and issues,” said Franklin.

ACDE is a national association that focuses on leadership in teacher education, educational research and policy. The organization has written several Accords that provide direction to teacher education program across Canada with regard to issues like Aboriginal education and early childhood education. 

This opportunity is meaningful for Franklin and for TWU. “I think it is very important for TWU to be present and involved in conversations that have an impact on our program development and scholarship, and to offer its unique understanding and strong leadership to important issues related to any profession or discipline.”

Many have been supportive as Franklin steps into her new role. “Dr. Franklin models, practices and responds to her colleagues with compassion and authentic presence,” said Dr. Matthew Etherington, a fellow professor in TWU’s School of Education. “From this wellspring flows good things such as building community and displaying care and professionalism, which I believe will continue in her leadership.”

Read more about Kim Franklin and her work in special-needs education and curriculum design.

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