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TWU expert comments on Trump phenomenon through a historical lens—he’s nothing new

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Listen to Dr. Rowe speak with with John Ackermann on News1130 and Mark Brennae on CFAX

Donald Trump’s victory in the recent Indiana primary makes him the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for the 2016 US presidential contest, and that makes a lot of people nervous. Dr. Paul Rowe, Ph.D., an expert in political and international studies, discusses the Trump phenomenon within a historical context.

"Though the Trump phenomenon seems unprecedented, he is by no means the first populist firebrand to stand for the US presidency,” said Rowe. "Many past presidents were equally bombastic or prone to outrageous claims. The stories of the past presidential campaigns of men like Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, William Jennings Bryan, and Theodore Roosevelt, among others, are equally colourful stories of American presidential candidates of the past.”

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