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Ken Pudlas elected president of international Christian education community

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Ken Pudlas, a professor of education at Trinity Western University, has been appointed president of the International Christian Community for Teacher Education (ICCTE) for 2016–2018. In the position, Pudlas will direct and influence members from around the world to set the course for the direction of Christian teacher education, collaborate across institutions to enhance educational programs, and promote general awareness of Christian thought in education.

“It was and is perhaps the most significant professional organization with which I have been involved,” says Pudlas. “This is an opportunity to serve by contributing to an organization that has been important to me for several decades.”

Having members around the world strengthens the ICCTE’s position. “One of the main benefits derives from coming together in community,” says Pudlas. “Supporting one another in our teaching and scholarship—recognizing that ultimately we are all striving to be faithful to our vocation.”

Before joining ICCTE, Pudlas taught at larger, public universities, including University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and The University of British Columbia. It was when he began teaching at TWU that he joined ICCTE to connect to fellow Christ-following colleagues. “I was not a new professor, but was new to being a professor in a Christian University,” he says. “With ICCTE I was able to engage with a broader community of Christians who are engaged in the same enterprise I am: helping to educate teachers who will teach Christianly.”

Pudlas stepped in as president-elect two years ago, when he began his mentorship program under former ICCTE President and Calvin College professor of education Al Boerema in preparation for his position as president.

“I hope to bring strong servant-leadership to this role,” says Pudlas. “That can sound trite, but to me it means helping others discover and utilize their own unique gifting.”

Pudlas is no stranger to this kind of work, having developed TWU’s Master of Educational Studies, Special Education in 2014—the first graduate degree of its kind. The two-year program is designed to develop the understanding and competence of educators in the K–12 system in dealing with exceptional and special-needs students.

Pudlas’ installation as president took place on May 21 at an international conference in Chicago.

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