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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Application for Research Assistantships for 2016-2017

The M.A. in Biblical Studies program is now accepting applications for the following:

1) Two Research Assistantships to the Canada Research Chair in Dead Sea Scrolls Studies, under the supervision of Dr. Peter W. Flint (up to $12,000 each, subject to funding). Half of this amount ($6,000) will be awarded as a scholarship, and half ($6,000) will be for work done on a CRC Dead Sea Scrolls project. The main current projects are: a new edition of the Great Psalms Scroll from Cave 11, and the first critical edition of the Book of Psalms for The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition (HBCE).

2) Other research funds. As research assistantships for smaller amounts become available throughout the year, applicants who did not receive the major awards receive first consideration.

For further details on eligibility, deadline (April 15, 2016), and application procedure, please see here.