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The Alloway Library, through our BC ELN consortia, has upgraded our major interdisciplinary database, EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier (ASP) to the Academic Search Complete (ASC) product. This upgrade gives you access to a far greater range of journals and full-text articles (approx. 4000 new journal titles). For more info: ASC 

With this upgrade there will be some updates required to any permanent links and bookmarks. You will need to make changes to your permanent links to specific articles, as they are database-specific. Links that go to an article in the Premier database will be broken after Premier is deactivated. 

Updating all possible article permalinks, from within research guides to faculty course materials to students’ bookmarks, may be a complex undertaking. Because of this, EBSCO has agreed to keep Premier active indefinitely for all upgrading sites, or until they hear otherwise, so we will not have to worry about broken links. 

However, you are encouraged to make the updates, as anyone following a permalink into a Premier database may end up continuing their research in Premier rather than Complete, and will not have access to the Complete content.  

Access EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete 

Check out the Faculty Library Services page. In particular, the following pages may be of particular importance:

Preventing Plagiarism using Turnitin

Trinity Western University has an ongoing contract with a company called Turnitin. This company’s online resources are designed to prevent plagiarism and improve the student writing cycle through Originality Check and Grademark.

For faculty members who are interested in creating an instructor account to detect for plagiarism and/or facilitate online (paperless) grading and comments, the updated information can be found here.

Copyright Reminders

It is important that we ensure the materials we use comply with Canadian copyright law.

 Some areas of concern for us as an institution include:

  • The ethical perception. As a Christian institution we are committed to upholding Canadian laws and avoiding anything that even hints of wrongdoing.
  • The possible financial ramifications. Many of the grants that fund research done by TWU faculty could be withdrawn if the funding agencies were to discover noncompliance with Canadian copyright law.

What can you as faculty do?

  • Familiarize yourself with what has changed for academic institutions and fair dealing under  the new Copyright Act by going to the Copyright page, which is linked from the Library’s Faculty Library Services page.
  • Pay particular attention to the Copyright and MyCourses page as there are significant changes here.
  • For materials not covered by our licensing agreements, please ask … do not assume.
  • Note that the material on these pages is still in draft format as we work through how the new law applies.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail Duncan Dixon 

Here are links to some editions of the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.  Articles address diverse questions across many disciplines, and issues that are relevant to every discipline.  Thoughtful and practical advice to improve our teaching.

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