Founding Members of the Laurentian Club


  • Edward Bremner (assistant General Freight Agent for the Canadian Atlantic Railway and later Managing Director of W.C. Edwards & Co. Ltd)
  • Gordon Edwards
  • Colonel (later Sir) Percy Sherwood

Charter Application Signatories

  • Llewellyn Newell Bate, of Bate & Company, groceries, wines, etc.
  • Thomas Arthur Beament, Barrister
  • Edward Robert Bremner, Assistant general freight for the Canada Atlantic Railway
  • George John Bryson, lumberman
  • William Alexander Cameron, Cameron & Company, wholesale lumber merchants
  • Robert George Cameron, Cameron & Company
  • John Proctor Dickson, Accountant
  • Gordon Cameron Edwards, W.C. Edwards & Company lumber manufacturers
  • Richard Alexis Helmer, Druggist in Hull
  • Albert Edwards Matthews, Assistant Manager, the George Matthews Company Limited, pork packers, ham and bacon curers
  • Harry Morrison, Accountant
  • George Patterson Murphy, Secretary-treasurer, Ottawa Transportation Company
  • James Gordon MacLaren, Manufacturer
  • John Lorne McDougall, Jr. Barrister
  • Samuel Maynard Rogers, Esquire
  • Robert Gordon Stewart, R. Stewart & Son, General Insurance