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No. 25

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Bob KuhnDear friends,

I hope you will enjoy this issue of Trinity Western. Each issue of this magazine provides opportunities to share the stories that shape and define this special University.

Uniquely positioned in the Canadian Christian landscape, Trinity Western University represents an irreplaceable presence that God has blessed miraculously over the years, despite many challenges.

In the past months, TWU and our School of Law have been maligned in the media across Canada. But our University cannot be defined by headlines and sound bites. We are, in essence, a community—founded upon, and grounded in, our belief in Jesus Christ—which offers the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a distinctive environment: one that is both fully academic and fully Christian.

We all are on the cusp of a new era, in which Trinity Western University will be a bright and enduring beacon reflecting the love of Jesus Christ as Canada’s largest Christian university. Over the past 52 years, God has graciously allowed this university to be a part of His transformational work in the lives of many.

The stories in this magazine attest to the difference members of the TWU community make in their communities and around the world. From student missions teams serving in Israel to alumni like Associate Professor Rick Sawatzky (’99), whose research will enable healthcare workers to provide higher-quality patient care, the TWU community exemplifies Christ’s grace and love.

I am deeply grateful for every one of our alumni, students, faculty and staff members, parents, donors, churches, and for your prayers as we step boldly into the New Era, striving in God’s strength to fulfill His chosen mission for this place that we love.

In His Service, and Yours,

Bob Kuhn

Bob Kuhn

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