ACTS Smarter Families Canada

The Mission of Smarter Families Canada
The purpose of Smarter Families Canada, as an educational outreach of ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University, is to equip local churches across Canada to  become  recognized centres of excellence for premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, parent education and recovery resources, in order to strengthen the institution of traditional marriage, to reduce the prevalence of divorce in our churches and communities, and to promote godly and healthy family relationships in our congregations.

The Vision of Smarter Families Canada
Research on marriage and family patterns indicate that we are facing a “marriage crisis” in Canada.  (Canadian Families at the Approach of the year 2000. 1999. Stats Canada: Ottawa).  Divorce rates remain close to 40%, rates of marriage have dropped drastically over the past 40 years, and cohabitation appears to be replacing marriage.
It is not enough merely to criticize these cultural trends: the Church is also being impacted by the individualistic divorce culture of North America.  We believe that the Church needs to move marriage and family-related ministry to the forefront of spiritual ministry, in order to model and build more stable, healthy and godly homes for the good of the Church and the larger community.
Marriage, Parenting and Recovery Education offers new hope for churches and communities for our struggling families.   By providing information, networking and training opportunities, the Smarter Families Canada Conference seeks to promote healthy marriages and strengthen family relationships in the Church and community.

Couples and Leaders should attend Smarter Families Canada
The Smarter Families Canada Conference is aimed at equipping all levels of leadership in the Christian community for marriage and family ministry, including lay leaders, pastors, para-church workers, and Christian professionals, in order to promote, support and lead marriage and family related ministries.
Smarter Families Canada Conference Content Philosophy and Disclaimer:
All presentations are screened for compatibility with a Christian world view and potential applicability in faith settings. Smarter Families Canada also recognizes that there are many approaches to helping marriages and families and that Christians may disagree about the “best” approach.   We believe that research and practical skills can help the Church fulfill its biblical calling to be a healing, transformative community, when used discerningly.  Inclusion in SFC 2010 therefore does not mean blanket approval of all aspects of content for training, seminars or exhibits.   In addition, we cannot guarantee availability of all seminars and trainings publicized in our material.  We encourage conferees to “take what helps and leave the rest” and hope that what you take away from SFC 2010 will make a difference for families in your local Church.

Current Smarter Families Canada Steering Committee:

Bill Ashbee MACS, Director of Men's Ministries of BC & Yukon (PAOC) & Pastoral Couselling at Christian Life Assembly

Dr. Kirk Austin  RCC, Director of  Lifework Design Group, Langley, BC

Dr. John Auxier Chair, Smarter Families Canada; Acting President and Dean of Trinity Western Seminary

Bruce Wagner  MC, RCC, Director, Lifework Design Group, Langley, BC

Susan Mattam  Coordinator of SFC 2010; Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Trinity Western Seminary

A Ministry of ACTS

Smarter Families Canada is a ministry of ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University. ACTS partners and affiliates are:

  • Canadian Baptist Seminary (BGC-C)
  • Canadian Pentecostal Seminary (PAOC)
  • Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary-BC (MB)
  • Northwest Baptist Seminary (FEBC)
  • Trinity Western Seminary (EFCC)