IB/AP Students

IB Diploma

Students completing the IB Diploma will be considered for early admission based on the predicted grades provided by their IB Coordinator. Predicted grades should be signed and sealed by the IB Coordinator for submission. A final offer of admission will be granted upon successful completion of high school graduation and the IB Diploma program.

IB Certificate Courses

Students completing IB Certificate Courses will be considered for early admission based on a combination of their IB predicted grades (as converted below) and their other academic course marks. A final offer of admission will be granted upon successful completion of high school graduation and IB Certificate Courses.

IB Certificate Converted to Percentage

7 - 96%

6 - 90%

5 - 86%

4 - 76%

3 - 70%

2 - 64%

University Credit

IB Courses

TWU will award unlimited university credit to IB students who have scored a 4 or higher in Higher Level IB courses that are approved by the BC Transfer Guide in the IB/AP section at bctransferguide.ca. Students will be awarded additional credit for the successful completion of the Theory of Knowledge. Most IB Diploma students will receive 21-24 credits at TWU, putting students only 1-2 courses short of second year status.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

TWU will award university credit for AP courses to students in which a minimum grade of 4 has been achieved. Transfer credit will be based on courses approved for first year or equivalent course credit by the faculty concerned. An Advanced Placement grade report is required to make this assessment. All AP courses with pre-approved TWU transfer equivalents are posted in the BC Transfer Guide at bctransferguide.ca

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

Early Admission 1: Apply by February 28 

Early Admission 2: Apply by May 1

Regular Admission: Ongoing as space allows

Spring Semester

Regular Admission: Apply by November 15

Early admission allows the University to track and shape the incoming class. If you apply for early admission and do not yet meet the University's requirements your application will be re-assessed in a later round. Final confirmation of admission and awards will be issued once the final transcript has been received. Final transcripts must be received by July 15.

Note: The deadline for theatre and music scholarships, as well as endowment awards is February 28. Therefore, your admissions application must be submitted before February 28 in order to qualify for these awards. 

After Admission

Once you've been admitted, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor to discuss financial aid, housing, and course registration. Visit the Admitted Student webpage to see what your next steps are.

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