Rest assured, your student will be in good hands

Going to university is a significant milestone. It’s a life adjustment—not only for your student, but for you and your family. Supporting your child as they transition to university life will greatly contribute to their success. University plays a significant role in shaping who they become. We take that responsibility very seriously, which is why TWU is an important investment.

While we work with your student to prepare for the fall, you should know that we’re here for you, too. At TWU, we value you and the role you play in your child’s life. So congratulations to you too, and welcome to TWU!

Why TWU?

  • Education
  • Faith
  • Community

High quality of education.

At TWU, your son or daughter will be studying at the only university in Canada to score an A+ for Quality of Teaching and Learning, according to The Globe and Mail 2013 Canadian University Report. TWU is a respected comprehensive university, with 42 undergraduate and 16 graduate degree programs, and strong professional schools – such as the Schools of Business, Nursing, and Education.

Set them up for a bright future in a good job

“With a growing community of over 24,000 alumni, students can build a network that will connect them with work, intern experiences, and service opportunities around the world. TWU students are connected to an engaged community of alumni who not only want to ensure our students have the best undergrad experience but that they are also connected to an alumni community committed to the success of each motivated graduate.”

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell
Vice President, Alumni & Executive Director,
TWU Alumni Association

A place to grow in faith.

Faith in Christ and academic scholarship complement each other to create a rich learning environment at TWU. With strong mentoring and student leadership programs, a variety of outreach opportunities, daily chapel services, and a positive, Christ-centred campus community, TWU is the perfect place for your son or daughter to grow in their faith and realize God’s plan for their life.

Watch unique opportunities positively transform your student

“My son Jordan (’12) and daughter Chantel (’14) both graduated from TWU. As a parent, I’ve seen TWU’s “transformational education” in action. I cannot place a dollar value on the peer and professor mentorship, the leadership and service opportunities, the spiritual growth and nurturing community, the quality of education, and the lifelong friends that have resulted from their years at TWU. The return on investment is simply priceless.”

Shirley Thiessen

Shirley Thiessen
Director of Parent Engagement

A safe and vibrant community.

With a wide variety of community programs – such as Bible studies, intramural sports, new student orientation week, barbecues, clubs, theatre and musical performances, and Spartans games – your son or daughter is sure to find a supportive community at TWU.

Surround your student with positive influences in a safe, fun community

“Studies continue to reinforce the notion that peers have a powerful influence in the meaning-making process. This highlights something distinctive about TWU: Students are surrounded by many peers who care about life’s big questions and are directing their lives and gifts toward what really matters. This peer influence in the dorms, Bible studies, and classes provide a strong influence for growth.”

Rob Rhea

Rob Rhea
Chaplain & Director of Student Ministries

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