US High School Students

How to apply:

1) Complete and submit your online application.

2) Send us your most current high school transcript. (Or snap/scan and send a photo of your grades using our upload form.)

3) Send us your test scores from the SAT (Code 0876) or ACT (Code 5242)

Your admissions counsellor will phone you with an admissions decision within two weeks of receiving your transcript and test scores.

Note: Transcripts are only considered official if they are sealed and sent directly to TWU from your high school. Final transcripts must be received by July 15.

Program Specific Requirements

School of Nursing

For admission into the nursing program, you must submit the general admissions application first. If you are admitted you will need to submit a separate nursing application.  Applicants must complete Grade 12 level English, high school Chemistry and Biology, and Grade 11 level Math, and must achieve a B- average GPA in all four courses with no less than 67% in each of them. The deadline to apply is February 28.

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

If you are considering majoring in any of the programs in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, we strongly encourage you to take Grade 12 level Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics (or equivalents) in order to be fully prepared for university studies in the sciences.

General Admission Requirements 

Students are required to graduate from an accredited high school with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the following curriculum:

  • Four years of English 
  • Three years of Mathematics 
  • Two years of Social science 
  • Two years of Science (with one lab science) 
  • Two years of additional academic courses

It is recommended that you take a minimum of six academic subjects in your junior or senior year, including a minimum of three academic subjects in your senior year.

A minimum SAT combined score of 1590 (1060 on older SAT test) or a minimum ACT score of 22 is required.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

Early Admission 1: Apply by February 28 

Early Admission 2: Apply by May 1

Regular Admission: Ongoing as space allows

Spring Semester

Regular Admission: Apply by November 15

Early admission allows the University to track and shape the incoming class. If you apply for early admission and do not yet meet the University's requirements your application will be re-assessed in a later round. Final confirmation of admission and awards will be issued once the final transcript has been received. Final transcripts must be received by July 15.

Note: The deadline to apply for theatre and music scholarships, as well as endowment awards is February 28. Therefore, your admissions application must be submitted before February 28 in order to qualify for these awards. 

After Admission

Once you've been admitted, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor to discuss financial aid, housing, and course registration. Visit the Admitted Student webpage to see what your next steps are.

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