US Grads

We've had many American students pass through our doors. At only a 30 minute drive to the border, why wouldn't they? Hear what US alum have to say about their time spent at Trinity Western and how they have used their TWU degrees to score jobs they love!

“I enjoyed the small class sizes and more intimate relationships with my professors, but feel I benefited even more from the opportunities to be involved in campus life and student leadership. With these opportunities, I was able to really build leadership skills that have helped me throughout my career.”
Jody Cnossen

Jody Cnossen
Vice President of Retail, Sales, and Merchandising at Suja Life, LLC
BA, Communications

“If I had to distill TWU down to one word that impacted me the most, it would be community. During my four years at Trinity Western, I met some of the most talented, passionate, intelligent, Jesus-loving people on planet. I believe that I received a great education while at TWU but the thing that challenged me, inspired me, and shaped me the most, was not the lectures, it was the community.”
Jeremy Vallerand

Jeremy Vallerand
President, Rescue:Freedom International (
Kirkland, WA
BA, Business Administration

“While I didn’t really realize it at the time, the atmosphere and intimate size of TWU really allowed me to develop the leadership skills and knowledge that drive me to where I am now. I spent the better part of the five years between my undergrad and my masters overseas in Africa, Asia, and Haiti, often working on projects with contacts I made through TWU.”
Wes Armstrong

Wes Armstrong
Family Nurse Practitioner
BSc, Chemistry