Financial Aid Information

Now that you are admitted to TWU the next step is to explore further financial aid options.

1) Academic Scholarships

Refer to your acceptance letter to see if you received an academic scholarship.

2) Apply for TWU Financial Aid (Scholarships, Grants and Awards)

Applying for financial aid gives you access further funding beyond academic scholarships including the Leadership Entrance Scholarships, Artistic Achievement Scholarships, Endowment Awards, TWU Grants and Church Matching Grants.

Using your TWUpass username and password, apply online.

Note: All the data submitted in this application is held confidentially by TWU’s Financial Aid Office and is only used for the purpose of the TWU Grant Need Assessment. If you are a single dependent student, your parents will also be required to provide their financial information.

3) Explore External Scholarships

Many organizations such as financial institutions, community groups, churches and businesses offer awards and scholarships for university bound students. The hardest part is knowing where to start! You can find a list of organizations and foundations that offer awards on the Financial Aid website. Click on the link titled "External Scholarships" to begin your research.

4) Government Student Loans

Many students use Government student loans to help pay for their education. Although loans do not have to be repaid while you are in school, loan payments usually begin a few months after graduation. Loan amounts are determined by your financial need.

Canadian student loans: Canadian student loans have a federal and provincial portion that combine together. The amounts vary by province. For detailed instructions on how to apply, visit the Financial Aid website.

American student loans: Direct loans are low interest loans for students and parents that are provided by the US Department of Education. The application process is different for a Canadian university, so carefully follow the instructions found at the Financial Aid website.  

5) Private Bank Loan or Student Line of Credit

Banking institutions also provide funding for students pursuing post-secondary education. Check with your preferred bank for details on their student loan programs. 

For questions regarding finances contact the Financial Aid Office:
Phone: 604-513-2031

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