Robson Hall

Interactive kitchens, community meals, and an increased level of independence are all part of the Robson Hall culture. Robson is a distinct residence community for upperclassman students (57+ credit hours or age 21) who want the best combination of both resident hall and independent living.

Robson has both men’s and women’s hall areas, with daily co-ed hours daily from 10 AM - 1 AM. Each room has its own fridge and sink, and shares a bathroom and kitchen area with the neighbouring room as a suite of four people. Since this is many students’ first experience with cooking, it creates an environment that allows students to learn from one another while sharing many laughs and meals. Social activities include regular hall area meetings, potlucks, seminars on cooking, and Robson hosts the annual campus Halloween Party in the Penthouse.


Shared by all residents

  • Elevator accessible
  • Underground parking available
  • Wireless internet access
  • Aerobics room/lounge on first floor
  • Laundry room on parking level with 4 washing machines, 4 dryers, and 2 large sinks (coin-operated [$1 per cycle] large-load-capacity washers and dryers)

Individual Hall Amenities (shared by approx 16 residents):

  • Living room lounge area with couches and coffee table
  • 4 tables and chairs for eating meals
  • 4 ovens, stoves, cupboard areas, 2 double sinks, 2 dishwashers, and 2 extra fridges
  • 2 microwaves
  • 1 large storage room
  • 16 lockable pantry spaces
  • 1 large chest freezer 

Individual Room Amenities (shared by 2 residents):

  • 1 fridge
  • 1 sink and mirror area
  • 2 beds
  • 2 wardrobes
  • 2 desk/shelf areas
  • Shared bathroom and shower with neighbouring room
  • Residents need to bring their own kitchen supplies, small appliances, dishes, etc.


Robson Photos

Robson Hall exterior Robson Hall interior

Robson Hall interior Robson Hall interior