Let's go SPARTANS...

There's a reason TWU Spartans have some of the loudest, most loyal fans in the country. Our teams work hard to push expectations higher and win bigger than ever before. With award-winning athletes playing in the gym and on the field, TWU fans are proud to call themselves "The Spartan Faithful."

The Complete Champion Approach:

The Complete Champion Approach seeks to help Spartan student athletes become complete people and champions in all areas of their lives. The program addresses the development of the whole person. The Complete Champion Approach encourages student athletes to use their God-given talents and intellect to live a life of significance, experiencing true personal success and powerfully influencing their community.

TWU Spartans Teams:

Men and Women's Basketball
Men and Women's Soccer
Men and Women's Volleyball
Men and Women's Track and Field
Men and Women's Cross-Country
Men's Hockey

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