Global Projects

Fall/Spring Teams

Join a team of students over fall and/or spring break and travel to Honolulu, Chicago, San Fransisco Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Calgary.  You’ll be working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity or with an inner city mission.

Summer Teams

Every summer TWU sends teams for 1-2 month long development/missions projects.  Teams are partnered with local organizations to help support them in their work.


Haiti, Heart to Heart: H2H International:  Heart to Heart is a Christian organization that is made up of a children’s home, a school (from Kindergarten to Grade 8) and a church in Grande Goave. Their aim is to help aid and combat Haiti’s growing poverty. The children’s home currently has 100 children who have lost either one or both parents and have no one to care for them. TWU partners with Heart to Heart in all aspects of their ministry and work alongside them as they serve and provide for Haiti’s next generation. We hope to take a team of 6 students for 4 weeks in May and June. 

Phenom Pen and outlying provinces, Cambodia: Chansomien, a local Cambodian and brother of one of our TWU students, has invested his talents and skills in the Trohpangmean village in Kompong Speu province (approx. 47km from Phnom Penh City).  He is helping young children receive basic English lessons and computer skills with the hope of raising up true disciples of Christ. In partnering with this ministry, Trinity students hope to establish long-lasting relationships that will benefit the community’s development not just this coming summer but into the future. The team will work alongside this ministry teaching English lessons, helping out in the community, building relationships with the locals and possibly doing some basic health teaching. These will all be wonderful opportunities to share Christ’s love to both young children and adults in the community. Four-five TWU students will join the two co-leaders for 6 weeks in Cambodia this coming summer.  

Musalaha Reconciliation Ministry, Israel: The organization Musalaha aims to promote reconciliation and growth through their ministry between Palestinians and Jews. Working primarily with women, youth and children, Musalaha (which means Reconciliation in Arabic) believes firmly that healing needs to begin amongst the Christians before it can spread and make an impact elsewhere. A small team of 6-8 TWU students will live and work in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for 6 weeks to partner with Musalaha in order to better learn about the  ministry of truth and reconciliation. 

Fort Babine, BC: For more than a decade, TWU student teams have served and established relationships with the First Nations reserve at Fort Babine. A small team of 6 students will have the opportunity to spend the month of May living in community and becoming a part of Trinity’s ongoing relationship with our First Nations brothers and sisters in Fort Babine.

France: A ROCHA France, is a Christian field office focusing on environmental preservation and creation care. TWU students will get a chance to do Roller (type of bird) monitoring in the vallée des Baux. They may also participate in A Rocha's garden project and potentially work projects related to the marsh land.

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