As a premier Christian university, our purpose is to develop competence and character – giving you the tools you need to impact your life and the lives of others. It’s an education that will pay great returns throughout your lifetime. We want to help you every step of the way through your TWU experience, and one important step is financing your education.

$8 Million
in Financial Aid is available to TWU students annually
99.3% of students received aid in 2014
$5,200 Average Aid Package (not including loans)


Costs for 2016-17

Tuition is calculated at a rate of $742 per semester hour. The amount listed above is based on annual enrolment of 30 semester hours. Additional lab and class fees may apply. Full-time 1st and 2nd year students under the age of 21 not living at home are required to live on campus.

Estimated costs for tuition and fees: $22,840

Standard Housing and Meal Plan: $7,974

Estimated costs for books and supplies: $1,200

Estimated costs for Health Insurance (excluding Canadian students): $900

TWU Financial Aid & Awards

Academic Scholarships

You will be automatically considered for an academic scholarship upon admission to TWU. No separate application is required. Eligibility is based on the GPA ranges listed below.

First-Time University Students

Award Type High School % IB Diploma
4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year*
President's Scholarship 90.0% to 100% 30 + 3.73 - 4.00 $6,000
Provost's Scholarship 85.0% to 89.9% 29 - 30 3.50 - 3.72 $4,000
Dean's Scholarship 73.0% to 84.9% 26 - 28 2.80 - 3.49 $2,000

New Transfer Students

Award Type 4.3 GPA Scale 4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year*
President's Scholarship 3.80-4.30 3.54-4.00 $4,000
Provost's Scholarship 3.30-3.79 2.80-3.53 $3,000
Dean's Scholarship 2.50-3.29 2.33-2.79 $2,000

*Academic scholarships amounts are prorated according to the number of semester hours enrolled. The amounts shown above assume a 100% course load (15 semester hours per semester). Students enrolled in an 80% course load will receive 80% of their academic scholarship.

Leadership Entrance Scholarships

25 scholarships are available to new students who demonstrate involvement in their school, community, and/or church and intend to participate and be involved in the TWU community.  Value: $2,000

Artistic Achievement Scholarships

These scholarships are intended to recognize new students who demonstrate outstanding talent and intend to contribute to the TWU community through involvement in music and theatre. Recipients are chosen by the faculty in the music and theatre departments.

Music scholarship value: $3,000 per year

Theatre Scholarship value: $2,000 per year

Endowment Awards

Over 45 scholarships, grants, and awards are available to new students. Refer to the endowment award listing for award criteria and award value.

TWU Grant

Need-based award funding is available to Canadian and American students who demonstrate financial need.  Eligibility is determined by completing the TWU need assessment or the FAFSA (for American students).  Value: up to $6,000 per year

Church Matching Grant

TWU will match up to $2,000 of church support for students who demonstrate financial need. Eligibility is determined by completing the TWU need assessment or the FAFSA (for American students).  Value: up to $4,000 per year

2016-17 Church Matching Grant Application

Campus Employment

There are many job opportunities on campus for students who demonstrate financial need. It's a great way to build your resume too!


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